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Producer:  Juan Perez

Genre:  Drama-Action-Thriller​


"K-Town Boogie," is a drama set against the backdrop of Koreatown, Los Angeles, and the gritty streets of New York City. The thrilling episodic pits the East Coast Italians against the clandestine Korean underground. 

At the center of this clash is Tony, a soldier sent by the Italians to retrieve an item of great value and mystery to both the Koreans and the Italians. The powerful talisman would establish the Italians as the dominant family across two coasts. Tony's mysterious ties to the Koreans and his uncanny ability to survive any deadly mission make him the perfect weapon for this mission. 

However, his loyalty to the East Coast mafia is thrown into question when his best friend and Korean counter-part, Jun-Young, is betrayed by his own family, and Tony's involvement makes him a target by both the Koreans and the Italians. 

His only aide in this deadly triangle is Seo-Yun,  the striking and enigmatic daughter of the Korean Don, Mr. Lee. Her own agenda is unclear as she helps the one man who can undo the Korean underground empire. Will she lead Tony to the artifact that he was tasked to retrieve, or will she sacrifice him to the Koreans as an offering to her father? 

"K-Town Boogie," showcases martial-arts in a world resembling the 70's period combined with modern-era production design. Gritty realism meets pop-art, leading audiences through a maze of deception and double-crosses that ends in a shocking revelation.

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